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Freeloaders, Rejoice: FREE Online Resources

Updated: Sep 10

These are websites that provide drills, tools and targets that you can download and print for FREE.

The ORIGINAL Dot Torture at, along with its origin story (totally worth the read for historical context):

The F.A.S.T. Test with printable target:

John Daub's 106-page collection of drills:

Citizens Safety Academy's printable targets & drills:

Tactical Development, creators of the AR15 mag loader, have also provided printable USPSA targets, scaled for dry fire:

Shameless plug for my own FREE dry fire targets:

MantisX Laser Academy printable targets:

(You'll have to scroll down to the link that says "Laser Academy Targets")

Aaron Cowan's printable target, including the "Eleanor Drill" and others:

(Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see the PDFs)

RuneNation's "Cold Start" drill & printable target:

Dr. Jimmy Turner's "Phone Call" Drill:

Probably the most obvious site to place here: also has a ton of resources. Go check them out!

Tier1 Concealment's Three Sevens Drill:

TactiCool Memes on Twitter (aka "X")

Lee Weems at First Person Safety has a ton of printable targets on his website.

After you get to the link, click on the "Training & Services" tab, and pick from the drop-down. The FPS-# targets are printable, my favorite being FPS-2.

John Hearne's printable targets:

John Hearne's amazing charts:

(Not exactly printable, but still a valuable resource that I choose to place here.)

Did I forget something?

Help a brotha out. Comment below!

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