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AAR: TacCon 2024 Part 3: Elements of the Concealed Draw with Apache Solutions

Updated: Apr 15

I was scheduled to RSO for Tatiana Whitlock but her flight was delayed. I was reassigned to “Elements of the Concealed Draw” with Tim Kelly of Apache Solutions. Unfortunately, he was busy handling… let’s just call it a family emergency. Dan Brady stepped in to present the material, aided by Derek Watkins and Rodney Lee White.

As an RSO, it was a breath of fresh air to see the additional eyes on safety. Issues never had a chance to fester, as the Apache crew addressed them quickly. Instead of pushing me out of the operation, they included me in their process.

The class itself was excellent. There was an overall flow that was apparent to everyone present, and each new segment and drill fed directly into that flow. Never once did I wonder “Why are we talking about this?” or “What is the purpose of this drill?” The visible confusion that sometimes happens in class was absent. Delivering the “what to the why” was a deliberate objective.

Stuff like this really has my mouth watering for the Apache Solutions Instructor Development Course. They place a heavy emphasis on adult learning theory, and how to effectively deliver skills in a way that it actually sticks.

Apache Solutions stepped up in a major way, particularly in the wake of a tragedy. They did not allow the circumstances to affect the quality of their instruction. I’m fortunate to see their process, and I hope to make a trip to Yadkinville soon.

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