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AAR: TacCon 2024 Part 5: “How Skilled Are You?” with Tom Givens

Even with only two hours to work with, Tom Givens packed every moment with wisdom and mindful practice. We shot the current FBI Pistol Qual on the new Rangemaster-Q5 targets, which keeps the 8-inch chest ring, removes the 10-inch ring, and adds a second parrot. We then broke out the B8 targets and shot the Rangemaster Baseline Skills Assessment Drill. We wrapped things up with the Casino Drill. The drills were done with hands relaxed at your sides, but he also allowed your hands to be in areas that made practical sense, such as the “fence” position, the “interview” position, or from what I dubbed the “Fried Chicken Ready” position.

Tom skillfully prefaced each drill with institutional history. It was important that we knew how and WHY these drills were created. These drills would then tell us about where we are and where to move forward from there. He wrapped things up with a reminder to “carry your f***ing gun!” with the current tally at 73 wins, zero losses, and 3 forfeits.

No TacCon would be complete for me without seeing Tom Givens in his element. Focused on developing the next generation of competent pistolcraft instructors, he combines the sum of his personal experiences with his encyclopedic knowledge. No TacCon is complete without seeing the man himself and shaking his hand.

Can’t wait ‘til next year.

Now on to dry fire my “Fried Chicken Ready.”

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