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AAR: TacCon 2024 Part 4: “Take a Seat” with Tatiana Whitlock

Saturday morning, I had the absolute honor of RSO’ing for Tatiana Whitlock, one of the most professional and eloquent instructors I’ve ever encountered.

In our modern society, we spend a lot of time sitting. “Take a Seat” discusses solutions and implements skills for solving problems encountered while sitting. Having a dinner date or a problem at your desk job are just a couple examples. It’s common for do-gooders to get encumbered by tables and chairs. Getting your leg(s) snagged or losing your balance can lead to negative outcomes.

Tatiana has solutions for these hazards, as well as how to make your practice sessions more interactive. Ever the example of professionalism, she front-loads every class and drill with dry fire so as to maximize the amount of material retained.

It was amazing to see her in her element. She absolutely OWNS the range. There is absolutely no mistaking who’s in charge. Yet she does so in a way that is disarming, non-judgmental and communicative. Her non-verbal communication is just as effective and meticulous as the words she chooses. It’s a privilege to watch her work.

WOW, this was a ton of fun, and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to learn from Tatiana.

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