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IDPA Intro

Welcome to IDPA!!! This is your on-ramp to the sport, designed for beginners.

  • 119.99 US dollars
  • TWRA Shooting Range ~ Bartlett, TN

Class Description

Mekkos "Memphis" Beech is a nationally recognized instructor, an IDPA Master, Chief Safety Officer (CSO), and former match director of several clubs. He is one of only eight IDPA Master-class shooters that teach CCW classes. This class will cover the ABSOLUTE BASICS needed to begin in the sport of IDPA, including... • Safety Items (including Avoiding DQs) • Basic rules for playing the game • Dry Fire and Live Fire exercises • A few sample stages • An IDPA equipment box and scale will be present to test your equipment if necessary. What you NEED to BRING: • Eye and ear protection • A safe & reliable handgun* • A holster for your handgun* • Three magazines* • Two magazine pouches* • Concealment garment • Note taking materials • 150 rounds of ammunition *It is helpful that all gear be IDPA-legal, but not required. If you are unsure or do not have any IDPA-specific gear, you may still join and participate in the class. To attend this class, you must have these SKILLS: • Obey the Universal Safety Rules • Safely Draw a Gun from a concealed holster • Safely Holster a Gun • Hit an 8-inch circle target from 7 yards • Safely Execute a magazine change • Fix a Malfunction (aka "Tap-Rack") • Load ammo into magazines • Know how to utilize any other equipment you decide to bring

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