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This stuff tastes like crap but it grips real good. 👍

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I sweat a lot. When I say "a lot," I mean a sweat rag is required range equipment. So I'm always on the hunt for grip chalk. I've tried several other brands, including stuff that's made for rock climbers, pro shooters, and even pole dancers. I have never been satisfied with the other products, but now I'm there. I'm sticking with LockedIn Grip.

“Hey Memphis, how do you like LockedIn Grip? Better than the other stuff?”

Yeah, I like Locked In Grip better.

  1. I support Brian & Shelly Hill, and I support The Complete Combatant and their mission. They’re great people, and if I can meet my needs while supporting great people, I’ll do it.

  2. It’s actually a superior product to basic grip chalk. It absorbs the moisture so it doesn’t cake up like grip chalk.

  3. The rock-climbing grip products are a balancing act for me personally. Too little and it sucks, but too much will wreck my whole day until I find a place to wash my hands. LockedIn Grip simply keeps my hands from getting clammy and slippery, and that’s exactly what I need.

There are some cons though.

It is still grip chalk, so some of it will show up on dark clothing. If that's not your bag, there are brands made for pole dancers that won't leave residue. You would have to buy a lot of it, because it doesn't last as long as LockedIn Grip. That's just the reality.

I’ve got a bottle in my range bag, another bottle on my USPSA belt, and one more bottle on my desk for dry practice. I might snag a couple more bottles just in case.

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