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Is it ok to respectfully disagree with Force Science Institute?

I’m seeing this article spread like wild fire, and what most readers are pulling from this is “Go all in on Captains of Crush.” And I respectfully see things a little differently.

Personally, I’ve seen grip strength to be an INDICATOR of possible shooting success, but not the cause of it. More grip strength does not / will not help you shoot better.

Just my opinion, and it’s worth what you paid for it. But I see that people who do more with their hands typically shoot better, and at the same time, that sometimes manifests as increased grip strength. This is simply a matter of manual dexterity. It is this dexterity that provides better shooting performance, and the grip strength is a secondary by-product. This is why IT guys, musicians, and many other folks with girly handshakes can still run a pistol effectively.

Additionally, practicing in a profession that involves manual labor has led many to be more mechanically inclined, which helps by making it easier to understand how the gun works. Again, grip strength is the common by-product.

Even if it’s just hitting the gym a little, that helps you create a mind-body connection, and helps you thoughtfully manipulate your body to run the gun more efficiently.

*WARNING!* I feel the need to warn readers against rushing out and going all in on grip strengtheners. I did that and developed full-blown tendinitis. This plus 12+ yrs of IT work, and I’ll be managing chronic symptoms for the rest of my life.

I didn’t accomplish what I did thru sheer grip strength. Gripping the pistol comes with leverage and structure. It’s going to take training, exploration, refinement, and myelination to burn that in.

So what readers are getting from the study may be correlation, but not causation. And grip strengtheners and trigger weights IMHO are treating the symptoms not the disease.

What are your Thoughts? It’s ok if we disagree. That helps me learn.

Link to the full article:

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