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Glock Performance Triggers, Part 1

Originally written: April 25, 2023

I learned a lot about Glock triggers tonight.

So here I have a Glock Performance Trigger in the left. Apex Tactical trigger on the middle. Stock Glock trigger on the right.

The standard Glock trigger has a lot of pre-travel, a mushy wall, mushy break, but strong reset. My gauge read 4.75 lbs.

Not much we didn’t know about the stock Glock trigger, but sets a baseline.

I had a bunch of problems with my Apex triggers, but trial & error identified the fault at the connector. I tried just a basic OEM minus connector, and the mush and pre-travel were greatly reduced, almost gone. Breaks at 4.5 lbs with a minus connector.

The Glock Performance Trigger still has the same pre-travel as the stock Glock trigger. The break is just as crisp as the Apex, but with a lighter pull weight. Right at 4.0 lbs with a minus connector.

Interesting note: The Glock Performance Trigger still articulates after the break. That’s not a bug but a feature for folks that dry fire a lot.

I’m gonna take both of these out to the range sometime soon and let you know what I find.

You can find the Glock Performance Trigger in stock and on the shelf at Top Gun Memphis.

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