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Glock Performance Trigger, Part 3

Originally written: May 25, 2023

I’ve learned a lot about Glock triggers recently. And I’m kinda done with this little experiment.

Funny thing happened last weekend. I had a practice session last week, and then I took Ryan McCann’s Parking Lot Pistol class. For both instances, I ran my EDC’s practice twin. Like my EDC, it’s got a stock trigger. And with each we trigger press, I SORELY missed my Glock Performance Trigger. In a class where you’re accountable for every shot, I had some flyers that wouldn’t have been, had I went with the GPT. I had been utterly spoiled by that trigger.

I can hear you typing already.

“Dude, just run the GPT in your EDC!!!”

I simply choose not to, and I’m not even sorry about it.

  1. I’ve seen too many accidental and negligent discharges. They left me scarred for life, and I’m not gonna take that risk.

  2. Most of my major awards and match wins were with stock Glock triggers. I’m not sacrificing anything by getting better with stock.

  3. After the Glock Armorers Course, I see the reasoning behind many design decisions with this platform. I agree with many of the reasons, and I’d like to keep the platform intact.

If you want to experiment in order to learn, that’s excellent. You really should try out new stuff. But there are trade-offs.

Why so much hype behind the Glock Performance Trigger?


I personally contacted Glock Inc, and they told me that, as long as the trigger is installed by a GLOCK Armorer it will not void the warranty. If someone wants to use the trigger in a EDC pistol they can do so. That’s from Glock Tech Support.

However anytime you start futzing around with triggers, there’s a trading performance for reliability. With enough of a departure from the original design, you can have a gun that doesn’t fire when you want it to. Worst case is that it fires when you don’t want it to.

Too many “gumsmifs” think that they know more than Glock’s team of professional engineers. Each of which are getting paid six figures to make guns that don’t hurt their owners or attract lawsuits.

Watch this video of a trigger that goes click when holstered. 😱

The owner of that gun had swapped out the trigger shoe with one from Zev. The trigger safety pin worked its way out, and contacted the inside of the holster. The result is a gun that fires when holstered.

So when Glock themselves released a trigger that looks & acts like a Timney trigger, keeps all the safeties intact, and it’s 30% off the Timney’s price, that’s gonna create some hype.

Am I gonna bash you for running a GPT on your EDC? Hell haw. Those things are friggin sweet!!!

This is a personal decision.

My luck’s running out. That’s kinda the reason I even carry a gun. My experiment’s over, and I learned a ton. Unexpectedly, I gained one more reason to stick with stock.

Big thanks to Midsouth Laser Engraving for these awesome stipple jobs. 👌

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