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Glock Performance Trigger, Part 2

Originally written: April 26, 2023

I learned a lot about Glock triggers tonight.

I took 150 rounds to Top Gun Memphis. I’m shooting factory Fiocchi 115 grain, a little spicier than my hand loads but having an infant cuts down on your reloading time. I felt like that wasn’t enough for what I had planned so I bought another 2 boxes.

The warm-up was Vitamin B8 and also checking optic zeroes with 1” squares at 10 yards. That’s the appetizer.

The main course was a few drills I blatantly stole from Riley Bowman. His Pistol IQ Standards are excellent for testing your skill and equipment. It works even better when you use his targets.

Triggers really REALLY show themselves with bill drills. And that’s where the most learning occurred tonight.

With the Apex trigger (with minus connector), I got some trigger freeze, but it was not from too much hand tension. It came from having to fight the wall after the reset. This originated from all the time I have on stock Glock triggers. I’m so used to just rolling thru the wall, the stiffer wall of the Apex was unexpected and required constant attention. It kept me from shooting more from my subconscious.

So next was the Glock Performance Trigger. I thought that 100+ rounds would add tension, and the wall was still mushy. I felt the wall but it didn’t fight me. It was just enough to know it was there. The break was better than stock, but still a rolling break. Strong reset. No trigger freeze at all.

The Apex trigger has lost this little comparison I had. But I wasn’t done yet. Let’s do some more exploratory shooting. Let’s just get a decent (not perfect) sight picture for the first shot, and let’s ride the recoil for six shots, and just observe what the sights do. I would trust my support hand grip to keep it all together. I basically just ran the trigger as fast as my finger can move, and with a solid support hand, it was staying inside the A-Zone. It didn’t feel like the wheels fell off. I felt very much in control, but at my limit. Pedal to the floor.

From concealment, I got the best bill drills I ever got in my life tonight. And this was with 115-grain factory ammo.

It was faster than when I won my Turbo Pin.

So yeah, this is staying in the gun. Now in the lobby I ran into one of my best friends on Earth. He prefers the Apex triggers over the Glock Performance Trigger. We concluded that he has so much more time on Apex triggers and he’s just more in-tune with them. I’m not. Most of my accomplishments were with stock Glock triggers. The GPT feels like Glock made it, with all the mush that implies. But if you think of it as more of a roll, it’s right up your alley.

The next phase of testing is Riley Bowman’s Pistol Intelligence Class in May. It’s a highly structured 800 rounds, so that will provide more feedback.

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