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Blogs for folks that like Blogs

I’ve collected my favorite blogs for defensive practitioners. This will be a living document that grows with time. If I left any out, please leave a comment below and help me out!

Active Response Training, by Greg Ellifritz

His articles are fueled by his 25+ years of law enforcement experience.  Look for his weekly collection of articles, videos, and books that he calls the “Weekly Knowledge Dump.”

Lucky Gunner Lounge, by Chris Baker & more

This blog does way more than just selling f ammo. There are heavy influences from the crew of Citizens Defense Research, including John Johnston of Ballistic Radio. This is one of the most well-educated cadres in the country. Their article “Why You Aren’t a Better Shooter” was one of the major catalysts of my own personal journey.

KR Training,  by Karl Rehn & Cadre

Karl and his crew have very detailed studies, AARs, and articles that enlighten and educate their audience. "Beyond the 1%" is an absolute must-read for all instructors. With contributors like David Reichek and John Daub (more on him later), this is a blog to keep your eye on.

Pistol Shooting Solutions, by Gabe White

There are several article on this blog that are noteworthy, but his writings about Vision are what really earns him a place on this list.  It will literally change the way you understand visual focus.

Gun Culture 2.0, by Dr. David Yamane

This Professor has been studying the way that gun culture has changed over recent decades.  Dr. Yamane has lead the research in this area, most markedly with his latest book, "Concealed Carry Revolution: Liberalizing the Right to Bear Arms in America."

The Tactical Professor, by Claude Werner

Army Veteran, author, Master-class IDPA shooter, match director, area coordinator, and former Chief Instructor at the famous Rogers Shooting School.  This Professor has written multiple books including such hits as "Real Shootouts of the LAPD."

On Her Own, by Annette Evans

If you ever underestimate this tiny purple demon, you do so at your own peril. She will tap you out in the morning, and outshoot you at a match in the afternoon. Her blog is massively insightful and has helped me personally. Take a look, and also grab "The Dry Fire Primer" while you're at it.

Spotter Up

This website is a gold mine, with a list of contributors chock-full of veterans of military & law enforcement.  The range of well-written articles is far and wide, ranging from war history to coffee history.

Backwoods Home Magazine, by Massad Ayoob

Mass draws from 40+ years of expert witness work and nearly 50+ years of instruction.  His vast wisdom is magnified by frequent collaborations with industry giants. You’ll like it.

Hsoi (pronounced “soy”), by John Daub

John Daub has accomplished and survived much more than what meets the eye. Behind his deth metal hair and jovial demeanor lies an encyclopedia of shooting acumen and self awareness. He has also brought us several books, including "Drills, Qualifications, Standards, &Tests." Expect to see his name in my work a lot.

This is one of the OGs of the gun blog space.  Created by the late Todd Lewis Green, this blog is the original home of such popular pistol drills as the F.A.S.T. Test and the Dot Torture drill.

Did I leave any out?  Help a brother out and leave a comment below!

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