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AAR: TacCon 2024 Part 2: Concealment Challenges by Sarah & Jon Hauptman

After an epic fail at the pistol match, my Friday morning took me to “Concealment Challenges,” a classroom block by Sarah & Jon Hauptman.

Bias Alert:

Last year when my father suddenly passed away, the PHLster crew went out of their way to show me their support. It touched me deeply, and their character and empathy have earned my utmost respect.

So there will be some bias here. Meeting the PHLster crew in person was a special treat for me this year.

During the class, Sarah & Jon describe common causes for printing and discomfort, and how to fix them. They even pulled volunteers (all safety protocols were followed), and as a class we diagnosed and resolved their concealment issues. We left feeling more prepared, and for some students it really made their trip, having gotten their money’s worth for the whole weekend and it’s barely lunchtime on Friday.

Sarah & Jon’s knowledge in this space comes with literal decades of experience. You can go to the PHLster YouTube channel and find videos from 12 years ago, where Jon teaches how to make kydex holsters.

Llink to the PHLster YouTube channel:

Jon & Sarah are a power couple, using non-verbal cues to manage the classroom and the material seamlessly. They communicate together, complimenting each other well.

So selfless is their approach, they provided notes on the lecture. They emphasize that this is free to share and incorporate into your classes. Click here to read on.

Jon & Sarah are great people to hang out with. They share their knowledge and experience freely, which is something we all can admire.

You should go on Facebook and join their PHLster Concealment Workshop, and read where they answer everyday questions about concealment challenges.

You should also bookmark the PHLster article on the Basics of Concealment Mechanics.

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